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S01E13 - Almost Human


Dorian: “John, the stuff they said your father did. Could it be true?”

John: “When I was a kid… my dad patrolled downtown… a real tough beat, gang controlled. A lot of cops were on the take. One day his unit takes down this dealer… a real heavy hitter. They find 7 million dollars in cash under the floor boards, and the task force leader tells everybody to take a cut. But my dad refused. So the guy takes a gun and puts it to his head and says if he doesn’t take a cut and get his hands dirty like everyone else than he’s gonna blow his brains out… call it in as a ten double zero, officer down. Still my dad refused. Lucky for him, the guy didn’t have the balls to shoot one of his own, and then a month later their whole unit got busted in an IA investigation and the only man left standing… was my dad. That’s who he was.  He’s the reason I became a cop.  And there’s no way he was dirty.”